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What else do we care about?

The very fabric of our field requires a deep level of compassion for society and the world we see around us. This leads to us investing a great deal of time, thought and resources into socially conscious endeavours.

All of this is made possible via our Skills Development Centre, where we help our less fortunate applicants to perfect vocational skills after which we find them gainful employment.

We also coach and groom students before offering them internship at L’AINE and with our partner organizations so that they can know what it’s like to work as part of a team in an office setting. Armed with that valuable exposure, we polish them up further so they can be ready for the world of work when we find them actual job opportunities. We call this scheme the “Bridge the Gap Internship Programme”

Our efforts in youth mentoring, provide the basic mechanisms of the working world so that the youth can properly recognise and develop their future career goals as early in their lives as possible.