As the recruitment titans, our pivotal decision-making centres around candidate sourcing strategies

Our Recruiting Process

With our well tested recruitment and selection process, we provide the specific talent you need in no time. We have aided in the hiring of talent for hundreds of organisations and individuals, cutting across a wide variety of industries.

As the recruitment titans, our pivotal decision-making centres around candidate sourcing strategies.

Operating through three primary channels, we acquire candidates: firstly, our expansive database provides a varied pool of candidates with diverse qualifications for various roles; secondly, we strategically advertise across print, digital media, and social recruitment platforms; and thirdly, we engage in proactive headhunting from passive sources and professional networks.

Our Recruiting Process goes through three key stages:




Prescreening & Interview


Selection & Placement

Benefits to Customer

  • When hiring new candidates, they can expect a seamless onboarding process, minimizing challenges for the new employees.

  • Our extensive pool of qualified candidates ensures a higher quality of hire, freeing up resources to concentrate on other business aspects.

  • Clients will experience a remarkable reduction in both time-to-hire and cost-per-hire, optimizing their recruitment process.

Our Recruiting Offerings

We provide discreet scouting and placement of Top-tier leadership roles.

We provide full-time or permanent staff ranging from top-level executives to operational staff.

We provide temporary staff with experience who can do contract or relieving duties from a day to a year.

We provide domestic help for families and companies requiring assistance in the form of nannies, cooks, housekeepers, stewards, etc.

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