HR Consulting

We are Consulting Kings

Our HR Consulting Service

L’AINE HR functions as “organizational doctors,” diagnosing business health and offering tailored solutions. Our services encompass restructuring, job evaluations, redefined job descriptions, and targeted training, with customizable packages. By analyzing scenarios, we guide companies to suitable choices, using interventions aligned with evolving business landscapes.

Our HR Consulting, or Organizational Development, optimizes performance and aligns with industry advancements. Partnering with us brings substantial benefits—enhanced efficiency, positive culture, robust internal structures, and refined processes. Our professional approach fosters employee confidence and empowerment, while interventions enable swift issue resolution, process enhancement, and competitiveness boost, ultimately amplifying effectiveness. 

Our Process


First, we undertake a diagnostic to understand the organizational culture and business goals


Next, we create a work plan of strategies and timelines for the required interventions


Finally, we execute interventions and provide you with a comprehensive report

Benefits to Customer

  • Our interventions positively affect client efficiency and promote affirmative culture and health

  • Our just-in-time delivery of the OD processes will enable our client to establish internal structures, enhance work processes and improve work among their teams

  • Our professionalism and confidentiality associated with our operations builds confidence with employees and fosters humanistic values and contributes to empowering employees for better performance

  • Our OD interventions will enable our clients to handle problems faster; sharpen their processes and competitiveness thus improving effectiveness

Our Services

We have for the past 28 years been providing high value HR Management solutions in the following:

Organizational Restructuring

Salary Survey and Grading Structure

HR Leadership Coaching

HR Audit

HR Planning

HR Policy Manuals

HR Managed Services

Work Performance Audit

Performance Management Systems

Rewards Management Systems

Total Quality Management Systems

Conflict Resolution & Team Building

Career Planning Programmes

Succession Planning Programmes

Professional Improvement Programmes

New Hires Background Checks

Onboarding Services

Outplacement Services

Jobs Evaluation & Updating of Job Descriptions

Employee Engagement/Empowerment

Setting Up Human Resource Departments

Talent Assessment and Evaluation

We are the HR Consulting Kings

Our interventions positively affect client efficiency and promote affirmative culture and health.