L'AINE Foundation

L’AINE Foundation, a non-governmental organization affiliated with L’AINE HR, supports entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs in Ghana through entrepreneurial training. Established in 2010, it aids disadvantaged and aspiring entrepreneurs, students, and micro-business owners. The foundation empowers over 100 entrepreneurs by enhancing their business skills, financial management, access to markets, networking, and customer engagement. Initially aimed at encouraging candidates to pursue entrepreneurial ventures, the foundation’s primary goal is job creation and poverty reduction.

Recognizing the challenges faced by young people and women in a difficult economic environment, L’AINE Foundation seeks to unleash their entrepreneurial potential by addressing barriers like regulatory constraints, lack of skills, and limited access to resources. By promoting a larger, productive private sector, the foundation contributes to sustainable development, employment opportunities, and higher living standards. Through programs like Business Outreach, Mentoring, Funding, and Entrepreneurship clubs, the foundation strives to bolster entrepreneurship while adhering to ethical business principles.


To empower aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups with relevant training, mentoring, and consulting programmes on


To bridge the unemployment gap in Ghana by creating an enabling environment for aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups to thrive.

Core Values

Integrity, Innovation, Passion, Teamwork, and Accountability.

L’AINE Foundation Programmes

Our Programmes are designed to assist in the areas of Training, Mentoring, Funding, The EntrePad program and Outreach Programmes


  • We organise several training courses monthly. Apart from the open programmes, L’AINE Foundation custom–builds training programmes for entrepreneurs to help them solve the problems in their businesses. The Foundation provides rigorous entrepreneurial training, extensive hands-on project work, and mastery of proven methodologies for managing business. The training also includes a series of lectures periodically, in which recognized entrepreneurs share their experiences and insights.


  • Based on our ability to recognise the lonesome struggle all entrepreneurs undertake on the quest to make their dreams come to fruition and its ensuing detours; L’AINE Foundation thought it prudent to include a mentoring component to our entrepreneurship programmes. This programme is designed to provide efficient and effective guidance and support to aspiring entrepreneur.


  • The foundation also provides financial backing to entrepreneurs to help get their businesses off the ground. This funding can be made available in the form of grants, loans, or even technical expertise. As much as possible, we assist entrepreneurs to regularise their businesses to make them more attractive and ready for investment. Proper registration of the business is also made compulsory for all entrants at the centre. Additionally, we assist the participants to regularise their other statutory obligations to attract funding from state institutions, commercial banks and savings and loans companies.

Outreach Programmes

  • Our foundation initiates a dynamic community outreach program that encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to share their acquired knowledge with others. This initiative encompasses a range of lessons, from practical entrepreneurial skills like business creation and management to essential life skills such as financial management. The program aims to create a ripple effect, with each participant becoming a teacher, leading to a network of educated and informed individuals. We uphold the ethos that our employees are partners, not just production factors, and we maintain a commitment to ethical business practices.