Friday, April 18, 2014
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Today, there are endless opportunities and platforms available for businesses and individuals to show off their wares. With more and more companies moving their content online, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have become a hub for many businesses.   The Q1 2014 edition of MM Focus explores the field of advertising, especially in Ghana. We bring you a plethora of exciting articles, a special feature on the President of the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) and take you straight to the camp of the Advertising Association of Ghana (AAG).
The LOC Launched! The new L'AINE OFFICE COMPLEX (LOC) building, situated on the Kojo Thompson Road, Adabraka near Evangel Assemblies of God has been launched! This event took place on Friday 22nd July, 2011. There are still three floors available for rent. Interested persons/organizations should contact us for further information.
34TH ON GHANA CLUB 100 LIST L'AINE Services Limited made another great stride in its achievements when it was named 34th Most Prestigious Company on the Ghana Club 100's rankings. The event was held at the State Banquet Hall in Accra on Saturday, 19th October, 2013. The Ghana Club 100 is about corporate excellence and the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) annually compiles a list of the top 100 companies in Ghana and awards them for successful enterprise building. The companies making it to this list serve as role models for the private sector.  
HR FOCUS MAGAZINE Despite the challenges posed by the current economic situation worldwide, there is the never ending need for business organizations to attract, hire, and retain the most qualified and experienced employees. The Q1 edition of HR Focus Magazine for 2014 guides you as you make the decision of saying “hire” or “not hire” during the course of the year. It helps job seekers to determine what prospective employers look out for, and brings a wave of entertaining and educative articles, spotlights and features that would aid your quest for human resource excellence.     Read Now  

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We provide: High Calibre Staff, Employment Opportunities, Training and Organisational Development, Production of Management Videos, Career Guidance & Interview Preparation and Payrolling Services.


We provide shortlisting and selection services by matching qualifications and competencies to the requirements of our clients, well-qualified staff to match specific job/role requirements.

We coach new applicants with skills that will ensure that they excel at interviews. Target or behavioral interview techniques help   applicants identify their strengths and skills... Details


Production of Management Training Videos

One strong tool in management training is the use of management videos.  Unfortunately, most management videos available in Ghana are foreign based... Details


outsourcing Outsourcing

We have a special scheme which furnishes our client with all categories of staff who will work permanently for our client, and yet the staff   remains on our payroll. This scheme allows us to relieve our client of the administrative burden...Details



With our payrolling services we pay salaries of both permanent and temporary employees on behalf of their parent companies. This ensures confidentiality...Details





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